Social Weavers (Philetairus Socius), is a multi-year process-based project that engages various communities in a collaborative creative process, using landscape as a place of common knowledge. For us, the influence of the landscape has been a mutual entry point to core ideas and cultural practices, a metaphor collapsing the distance, time zones and differences that separate us. Through production and shared processes, we are collaborating with communities of hand-loom weavers  and master dyers in India to interpret the sky, land forms, water and forests on a series or 300 sari's. This series of landscape saris will become canvases to document cultural stories and histories of craft practitioners and public participants who engaged in this project in both the US and India through surface design gatherings, stitching circles and community events in both India and the US.

Our collective values and practices have been developed through collaborative discussions, art and design exchanges, and public events that have helped us to see the possibilities of a new cultural landscape that can ignite public imagination. Social Weavers goals is to create a material outcome to show how a collective creative process can become a model, dissolving distance while still honoring difference.  In 2019, we will host surface deign events in both the US and India.  The featured on this page are a little teaser of the amazing designers, artists, master weavers and dyers who  we are currently working with in India.

Note - we are still very much in the process stage of this project. Portfolio of final work will be updated here and on our social weavers site as we complete aspects of this project.

For more information, details, announcements and writing about our process - PLEASE VISIT OUR SOCIAL WEAVERS WEBSITE

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