Founded in 2012

Participatory Mapping Survey  at Humboldt Redwood State Park in Northern California, 2014.

Participatory Mapping Survey at Humboldt Redwood State Park in Northern California, 2014.

3rd Space Lab is a collective of artists and designers from Bangalore, India and the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to create new social pathways and global commons that bridge cultural divides through creative means. Collective members include: Lalitha Shankar and Shamala Nandesha (India), Trena Noval and Shalini Agrawal (US).

Our Mission

Our collective moves the model of creating from transactional to relational, positioning collaboration as a tool for building trust, relationships and understanding. Building cultural bridges require us to be out in the world, working with others to bring different people and ideas together. We engage artists, craft communities, designers and other disciplinary experts in exploring knowledge sharing as  creative processes by creating opportunities to learn from each other’s lived experiences. Through collaborative discussions, art and design projects, public events and exhibitions, we aim to share our mutual creative processes, values, and cultural practices to build new cultural understandings that activates public imagination. We hope to create models of creative experiences and possibilities that engage in more socially conscious actions that can cross global borders.

Our Values

The history of our collective has been built around global citizenry that expands creative thinking through values of mutual respect. We founded our collective on the basic social values and principles of 1) designing experiences through engagement that weave together our cultural identities; 2) creating new collaborative opportunities for participatory research, cultural exchanges, discovery and production; 3) promoting sustainable practices through design, production, materials and processes in our collective process; 4) sharing domestic experiences to deepen and share our cultural understanding; 5) promoting the practice of generosity and reciprocity by giving back to the communities where we are working.

Our Studio

Through ongoing virtual meetings, we engage our collective workspace every 2 weeks via Skype. This space  has allowed us to brainstorm in real time while building a research archive of our thinking that has formed the evolution of our group.